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Subject of activity

  • Project activity in a build-up
  • Engineering activity
  • Projection of electrical equipment
  • Construction of buildings including their modifications, maintenance work on them and their withdrawing
  • Business activity

We are able to provide a function of general builder of investment ventures by own technical powers, processing the complete documentation from study to the project of the construction fulfillment, which we are able to provide further with the realization as well as with engineering. We also offer cooperation in the provisions of larger reparations of technological equipment.

Our goal is a functional, reliable and safe technology which fulfills valid legislation together with the customer’s ideas and demands.

We offer these services in a field of chemistry, petrochemical use, environmental science, energetics and metallurgy.

Outside the standard project activities we offer

  • Proposal of equipments and devices which are connected with the chemical processes and technologies
  • Proposal and modeling of complicated and key equipments with the usage of CFD models.
  • Determination of external influences and assessment of locations with the danger of explosion of inflammable gases and vapours with the elaboration of „Protocol about the determination of environment according to ČSN 332000-3“.
  • Calculations of day and artificial lighting.
  • Technical consultancy in a field of the building environment technology.
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