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Department of projection provides processing of all degrees of project documentation according to the promulgation No. 499/2006 Coll., including production documentation.

Our projection activity includes the fields of:

  • Building environment technology
  • Technological equipment of buildings
  • Building
  • Electrical heavy current and weak current
  • Control systems of technological processes

And it is divided into the following professions (departments):

  • Mechanical
  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Measuring and regulation

Mechanical department

Mechanical department is a base of company’s project activity. It proposes technologies from A to Z - it means from the stage of basic engineering through the coherent technologies up to the layout of machine’s suppliers and equipment. Technology’s proposal is always consulted with the investor so that the rising work is according to their conceptions, and it is functional, reliable with the highest capacity of production that is possible. It also deals with the technical help which lies in a determination of the problematic place, its analysis and proposal leading the problem removal.

Mechanical department mainly provides the following activities

  • Proposal and calculation of hydraulic traffic cycles
  • Proposal and calculation of heating systems
  • Proposal and calculation of cooling circuits
  • Chemical and technological calculations and proposals
  • Proposal, calculation, and construction of pressure and pressure less tanks
  • Proposal, calculation and development of prototype proceedings
  • Risk ratings
  • Processing of operating instructions, etc.

Building department

Building department provides complex project services for the professions of

  • Building
  • Steel and concrete-steel constructions
  • Technical equipment of buildings
  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning

Project activity of building department is provided mainly in the fields of

Factory buildings

  • Manufacturing and storage properties
  • Administration and social settlement
  • Steel and concrete-steel constructions

Civil buildings

  • Business
  • Services
  • Living
  • Sports facilities, etc.

Engineering buildings

  • Roads, parking places
  • Line buildings – drainages, water pipes, heat distributions, etc.

Special buildings

  • Special setting up of buildings
  • Steel constructions of technological equipment
  • Pipe bridges

Electrical heavy current department

Electrical heavy current department provides services in an electric profession. From the point of view of project cooperation in the technological orders it solves following sections:

  • Power supply philosophy – capacitance, degree of supplying of electrical energy, backup and its fulfillment with a regard to the technology needs
  • Engine wiring system including the control and regulations by frequency converters
  • Installation of artificial lighting including the light-technical proposal and calculation of lighting according to ČSN EN 12464-1
  • Earth connection, protection against the thunder stroke according ČSN EN 62305, overtension and effects of static electricity
  • Devices selection and installation fulfillment with regard to the determination of external influences according to ČSN 332000-3 and locations with the danger of explosions of inflammable gases and vapours, and combustible dusts.

Department of measuring and regulation

Department of measuring and regulation provides complex project function on these stages:

  • Creation of technological ties in the framework of technological proposal
  • Selection and specifications of equipments on field of instrumentation with a regard to the technological specifics
  • Fulfillment and connexion of equipment with the regard to given external influence (explosion proof, intrinsic safety)
  • determination of capacity demands on control system
  • Proposal of configuration and own specification of control system, including SW – it is solved individually according to the requests and needs of investor


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